By Dr. Katie MacRae, Chiropractor at Akasha Health 

Attention all jaw clickers, teeth clenchers, night time grinders, fatiguing chewers, chronic neck tension holders and high stressed humans! You can relieve jaw pain, headaches and sleepless nights. 

3 Simple Muscle Releases to Relieve Jaw Pain:

1. Place your fingers in front of your ear just ABOVE the cheekbone. Apply gentle pressure up and in towards your hairline as you slowly open and close your jaw a few times. Move your fingers higher up in the hairline and repeat the jaw movement. Perform for 3-5 repetitions.

2. Place your fingers just in front of your ear just BELOW the cheekbone. Apply gentle pressure up and in under the cheek bone as again you slowly open and close the mouth or try clenching and unclenching the teeth a few times

3. Now place your finger under the ear BEHIND the angle of the jaw. Apply gentle pressure up following under the bony jaw line as you let your jaw relax and slide forward with the stretch.

Perform on both sides individually or at the same time!

Neck and Jaw Combo Stretching:

1. Turn your head to the side and then tip your ear towards your shoulder. Jut your lower Jaw out to make an underbite. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds or add a cheeky head rotation for 3-5 repetitions to change the muscle fibres you are targeting.

2. For a more intense stretch, you can move your opposite arm out and away from the side you are stretching (not demonstrated in video)

Watch the videos of these releases HERE

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