Akasha integrative health in Manly

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for ether or space, the first of the five elements. This is a space for healing. Not only do we aim to create a healing space within our integrative health clinic but also support you in creating space in your life to be healthy.

What we stand for


Our clinic and practitioners are dedicated to creating a space for holistic healing. They provide the highest quality services from allied health and complementary therapies.

We aspire to empower clients to take control of their own health, through knowledge and evidence based recommendations, and treat each person holistically and individually.

We know the power of an integrative approach – harnessing the skills and expertise from multiple disciples for mind and body – to support our clients on their wellness journey. 

At Akasha Integrative Health we feel that communication between all of your practitioners facilitates optimal results and we encourage such interactions.


Our Practitioners

We have a diverse range of experienced practitioners, integrating evidence-based complementary therapies to support you holistically.

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Why us?

We believe in each person’s natural capacity to find health and wellbeing through balancing the body and mind.

We value the intelligence of preventative and lifestyle medicine and aim to empower our clients.

We believe in a collaborative relationship between client and practitioner, listening to and being present with our clients and seeing the whole person.


Have a passion for WELLNESS? Join us.