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Morgan Webert

Counselling, EFT Tapping, Matrix Re-imprinting

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Morgan is a registered Holistic Counsellor with the ACA, accredited EFT Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher.

In sessions she uses a powerful combination of techniques coupled with a deeply compassionate approach to support clients in cutting through limiting beliefs, reducing anxiety and overwhelm, gaining clarity and finding peace and forgiveness.

She integrates practical and powerful holistic lifestyle habits to support clients in shifting mindset, finding calm and creating balance and joy in their  lives.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling combines traditional counselling with complimentary and alternative modalities that takes into account a person’s holistic being, covering their emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects, in order to come up with a treatment plan that supports them to achieve peace of mind and wellbeing.

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping, is an evidence based method to reduce anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression. It involves tapping specific acupressure points on the face and hands to stimulate a shift in energy stagnation, brain function and the nervous system.

  • Diploma of Counselling, Registered with Australian Counselling Association ACA

  • Certified Level 1&2 Emotional Freedom Technique Coach (EFT Tapping) Registered with EFT International

  • Certified Advanced Matrix Re-imprinting Therapist

  • Ayurvedic Health Coach certification

  • Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

  • Habit Science training with James Clear

  • Neuroscience Advanced Training with Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Reiki Level 1 & Polarity Energy Therapy

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