All courses held in the meditation room at Akasha Health, spaces limited.

art of rest & meditation

3 Weeks course

This introductory course teaches you to release stress through daily deliberate rest techniques and meditation practices. 

Starts June 9th
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Gut Healing Course

4 weeks course

 Reset your gut health with guidance from expert nutritionist and feel the benefits to your energy, sleep and mental health. 

Starts July 13th
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tapping into heart

5 weeks course

Learn EFT Tapping and Heart Math meditation techniques to cultivate self compassion, clear limiting beliefs and feel empowered by love.

Starts July 24th
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art of rest & meditation

3 week course

Learn how rest dissolves stress

  • Learn to dissolve stress with deliberate rest and meditation practices.
  • Establish simple ways to restore energy and relax your body and mind.
  • Discover effective breath techniques to meet the demands of daily life.
  • Learn what to do with an over active mind or body and stay more present.
  • Includes unlimited meditation sessions at Akasha for one month. 

Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Starts June 9th

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gut healing course

4 week course

re-set gut health & reclaim your energy

  • Re-establish a healthy gut biom through diet, lifestyle and more
  • Learn the importance of gut health for maintaining a strong immune system
  • Discover hidden foods that can negatively impact gut health 
  • Support your mental health by learning about the Gut-Brain connection
  • Includes one on one session with Nutritionist Elly Smith and personalised plan.

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm

Starts July 7th

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Tapping into heart

5 week course

embody self love, compassion and empowerment

  • Establish a practice of tapping into heart with EFT Tapping & Heart Math Meditation 

  • Let go of fear, overwhelm and worry and create a calm space in your heart 
  • Discovery the healing power of compassion, forgiveness and self love
  • Listen to the wisdom of your heart and learn how to let it guide you 
  • Create your life from love not fear. 
Sundays 7-8:30pm
Starts July 24th
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